Gynecologic oncology patient information

Some facts about the Gyn-Onc Health Information Service

  • A patient information service provided by your hospital librarians in partnership with the Gyn-Onc Division since 2007
  • Aiming to provide reliable, relevant and easy to understand patient/family centered health information focusing on your needs in various formats
  • Conveniently located in the Gyn-Onc Clinic (E728) during clinical hours on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, Health Sciences Library (A200).

Stay Informed

The Gyn-Onc information service is physically closed, but will maintain virtually available as of Wednesday 18th March 2020 until further notice. We encourage you to consult the website. If you need additional assistance, please send us an email. New web page of resources on COVID-19 for cancer patients updated on Sept. 18, 2020. JGH Chemo Symptom Management Hotline (514) 3408222 x 25529 Nov. 20, 2020 Cancer and the Holidays: Answers to Common Questions Nov. 09, 2020 Contemplating Cancer: a special series from the Cochrane UK The series will run throughout November and will include blogs and a tweetchat on cancer-related topics. Visit the website for details about the event. Cochrane is a world leading non-profit organisation committed to making evidence generated through research useful for informing decisions about health. Click here for more information about Cochrane and Cochrane UK.


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